Some news about the site and some recent changes:

I have now completed this year's Craft Fairs and I am not due to attend another Craft Fair until mid 2017. In the meantime I will concentrating of producing images from the UK and from more travels overseas.

As ever this site can never represent all the Natural History species or all the travel destinations that I hold in my overall library, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any images of particular interest that do not appear on the current site. I particularly have a very wide range of tropical butterfly life cycle images, along with many more photos from my safaris in the countries of Africa and Central America.

If you ever do want to purchase any particular print or canvas then do please contact me by email or via the Sales page of this site, as I regularly post prints to customers throughout the UK.




Please note that within the galleries it is possible to move directly between the large images by using the keyboard arrow keys.